tirsdag den 8. december 2009

*********************** I^M BACK *************************

Hi All...

I^m Back... Just got my internet back today...
Whoo.. what a Fucking long journey :D hehe

Greetings to all ,, that still visit my blogz.. and i will try to update here in the VERY near future...


torsdag den 30. juli 2009


Hi All...

Well, i know that alot of links don´t work right now..
The reason is ,, i don´t have internet access right now.. so
i haven´t updated my Rapidshare accounts,, but it´s not lost..
i will update it in the very near future..

The reason why i don´t have internet access other than on my
windows mobil.. // and that´s cost an arm and a leg .. hehe //
is that i have got a new home..// i will post picture later.. //
and i have not got my internet access yet...
But when good things come.. bad things come too..
I have to put my my lovely dog to sleep..
It got a discos collapse,, that could´t be fixed..
so i´m not in a very good mood right now,, in fact i´m very down...

But now you have some news from me..and maybe better can understand , why i haven´t been updating some of my blogz lately..

Gretz from
an old friend

søndag den 5. april 2009


Hi all..

I^m stopping posting for a while..
I have 2 much 2 do..

So please go to my new // private //,, well not private anymore
blog , for the latest update..


Gretz from Andy

Good Summer everyone.. :D

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